Focused to serve the needs of the Maltese investor

Welcome to Crystal Finance Investments Limited where clients’ needs come first. As agents for UBS investment funds, the leading fund provider in Switzerland, with a co-operation agreement with UBS wealth management, one of the largest asset managers in the world, our aim is to work side-by side with you, comprehending and serving your needs.


Advisory services form part of our core service offering. Our investment advisors will help you map out your risk profile which is the foundation of your investment planning. [Read More...]


Crystal Finance Investments Ltd was appointed by UBS as its local representative for UBS investment funds. Thus, we work side by side with UBS, the leading fund provider in Switzerland and one of the largest asset managers in the world, to satisfy your financial needs. [Read More...]


The Crystal Managed Portfolio Service is Discretionary Service makes the task of goal-oriented investing for your assets simplicity itself. Your needs, aspirations and investment goals form the basis of our recommendations for a portfolio of selected funds from leading providers. [Read More...]